Top Gen

TOP GEN has been active on the husbandry market since 2007. From the outset we have been applying the achievements of worlds genetics to Polish breeding  programs, through the sale of bull sperm from the best breeding lines in the world. These bulls are evaluated on the basis of output, habits and the functional characteristics of their daughters, which guarantees their high genetic and breeding worth.

TOP GEN is an exclusive representative for Poland of top companies from the husbandry industry: Cogent Breeding Ltd (England), Evolution – former Sersia France (France ) and CRI International (USA).

TOP GEN provides world class genetics adapted to the varied needs of our customers. The broad range of products include milk cows and meat bulls in traditional and sexed versions.

Bulls with a genome valuation are a novelty on the market. Genomics constitutes an effective valuation tool yielding uniform results. The use of the sperm of a few of the best genome bulls makes a fast genetic advances  possible together with better herd profitability.

We are here to support breeders in the performance of their breeding plans through facilitating access to state of the art technologies and professional service across the entire country. We aim to supply a product which constitutes  a balance between good habits, high production, guaranteeing long lived, problem free cattle which generate high profits for cattle farmers.

  • We operate comprehensively – providing expert advice and a wide range of products.
  • We also hold cow / goat insemination courses.
  • We sell insemination equipment.
  • We have software supporting matching.
  • We also sell milk and meat heifer calves and cows as well as bullocks.

Top Gen presents state of the art farming technologies, pointing out the right direction for development.



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The husbandry at Top Farms group focuses on milk production. We are additionally involved with the sale of heifer calves, bullocks and cattle for slaughter in the form of selected animals. The activity is conducted at four companies owned by the group. Nearly 5000 cows and nearly the same amount of calves are kept across nine farms.

The annual milk production and sale exceeds 42 million liters and has been steadily growing in line with increasing livestock efficiency. As a result the average annual output, as well as the sale of cow’s milk stands at more than 9000 liters.

Our farming is based on Holstein Friesian cattle. We manage this by cross breeding native cattle with the world leading HF cattle from breeding companies such as Cogent, CRI or Sersia.

Care for the well being of animals is extremely important for improvements to output. Over the last ten years we have made a number of investments in farm buildings which have made a significant difference to the conditions cattle are kept in: space, ventilation, access to fodder and water. An equally important aspect in the investment process is improving the safety of farm surroundings including the natural environment.

Why should breeders use genome bulls?

The answer is the same as that to why use artificial insemination. Simply, genome bulls have the best genes on the market. This provides us with a faster genetic process.

We have an opportunity to make fast genetic progress with the most significant fact being that unquestionably young animals will benefit most from genome advancement.

Genomics allows farmers  not only to select the right bulls but also cows. Through it the selection of parents is more accurate and possible at an early age.

Genomics is a method for improving breeds, allows us to accurately assess functional characteristics and habits, such important for improving livestock. Furthermore, it is currently used to confirm paternity, achieve a higher genetic gain, improve valuation and reduce the intergeneration gap.