Top Farms Siedlisko

Top Farms Sp. z o.o. Siedlisko Branch spans arable lands in Lubuskie Province. Historically this was  the first Top Farms company which is also one of the best farms in terms of soil quality, work organization and production.

The company is involved with plant production. In terms of processes, due to very difficult processing of heavy soils, we’ve been making use of farming simplifications for years.

The exceptional locations of the farm in direct vicinity of the Odra River, its topography and size of fields, as well as a relatively simple shift system facilitate the application of a simplified organizational model. The machinery and storage facilities are located centrally at the farm and thus logistics activities run smoothly and effectively. Long term management practice in the specific farming conditions in Siedlisko impacts the high production output and a one of the kind character of the company.

Seed production

For the needs of Top Farms Agro and Rolimpex we grow wheat and grasses varieties for seeds.

Seed production complies with above standard quality requirements. The knowledge pertaining to planning crop rotation as well as the correct selection of stations for seed production as well as the application of modern technologies combined with an opportunity to use ensure excellent conditions to produce qualified seeds. In order to ensure top quality control, a number of quality systems are in use at the company, which provide production with traceability of each stage of production for every batch of seeds.

Combinable crops

Production of wheat and rape focuses on making high quality raw material for the industry. We work with the largest recipients of cereal and rape seeds, providing the company with permanent contracts for the produced raw materials.

Energy crops

In its crop structure Top Farms also includes the growing of the common osier for the energy industry. The topography with Odra in the vicinity, determine an alternative type of farming on the waterlogged area. Near Siedlisko, the common osier is that alternative, to date used by local biomass customers.

The average osier harvest is 35 tonnes of fresh mass from 1 hectare. At the same time the osier, as a coppice in short rotation, constitutes a great habitat for birds, as it is harvested only every 3-4 years after the breeding season and the departure of chicks. The primary bird species which we encounter in common osier are: marsh warbler, blackbird, tits, aquatic warbler and Eurasian tree sparrow or rarer such as: European roller or corn crake.