Top Farms Głubczyce

Located is Southern part of Opolskie Province, spanning Głubczyce, Branice, Kietrz, Baborów and Pawłowiczki districts and has one of the best arable land in Poland.

The Company focuses on the production of cereals, rape, potatoes, sugar beets and milk. Every year TFG produces approx. 40 thousand tonnes of cereal, 6 thousand tonnes of rape, 10 thousand tonnes of sweet corn, 50 thousand tonnes of sugar beets and 35 thousand tonnes of potatoes for sale. The company is one of the largest milk producers in the country. It has a herd of 2500 milk cows producing more than 22 million litres of milk per year. Within the scope of its activity TFG also slaughters cattle. We supply high quality beef from our own husbandry.

In our activity we use the Code of Good Agricultural Practices and for vegetable production we also hold the GlobalGAP certificate (the former EurepGAP). The fact that baby food is made using potatoes from our farms stands as a testament to our quality.

Due to the high quality of  our products, Top Farms Głubczyce  has business partners such as Nutricia, Frito Lay, McCain, Diamant, ZT Bielmar, ZT Kruszwica, Danone, OSM Włoszczowa, Südzucker and others.


Since 2001 Top Farms Głubczyce Sp. z o.o. is a top domestic producer of cereal seeds. We reproduce both Polish and foreign varieties. We produce qualified product for the needs of Top Farms Agro.

In 2014 we also began reproducing smooth meadow-grass for the needs of Rolimpex Nasiona.

Right from the outset we’ve been in close cooperation with the local Variety Assessment Experimental Facility, where we test the reproduced varieties.

Milk production

We have 2500 HF class milk cows, with an annual genetic milk production potential of 10,000 litres in lactation. Our herd produces more than 22 million litres of milk per year. The cattle are kept in four modernised free run barns new Głubczyce. The milk is sold do large companies operating on the Polish and European market such as Danone Sp. z o.o., OSM Koło and Bakoma sp. z o.o..

Heifer calves production

In order to maintain production continuity we keep a herd of circa 2400 calves out of which we get approx. 1100 heifer calves per year.

Within the scope of husbandry we can boast extensive experience in inseminating cows using sexed sperm. Cogent and Sergia are our primary suppliers, which are amongst the world leaders in genetic material for milk cows. Thanks to this modern technology 90% of calves from heifers are female HFs with a high production potential.

Slaughter house

In April 2006 the facility was approved to trade within the EU. It’s veterinary ID number is PL 16023801 WE.

The company focuses on the slaughter and cutting of cattle. Our activity is based on our own herd and the local market.

We act pursuant to GMP and GHP regulations. We have implemented a quality system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP.

We primarily supply local meat processing plants and restaurants.

Combinable crops

The Combinable Crops Department has more that 7 thousand hectares at its disposal, producing high quality consumption wheat, brewing barely rape and soya. We sell our crops to wholesalers. We work with leading cereal mills, fat plants and malt houses in Poland and abroad. Part of our production constitutes qualified cereal seed production. We act in accordance with the principles of good agricultural practices guaranteeing top quality and safety of our products.

Fodder plants

The primary task of the Fodder Department is to prepare fodder for the entire herd of cattle at Top Farms Głubczyce Sp. z o.o. We produce a total of more than 50 thousand tonnes of various concentrate and volume fodders, we also produce more than 5 thousand tonnes of corn seeds.

Sugar beet

The Sugar Beet Department uses state of the art agricultural and plant growing practices.

A ROPA Euro Tiger combine is used for harvesting beets. Harvest time matches the delivery schedule as agreed upon with a sugar producer in order to shorten the storage time of sugar beets on trays as much as possible.

In Top Farms Głubczyce sugar beets are produced primarily for the needs of Sudzucker Cukrownia Polska Cerekiew in Ciężkowice.


Today, Top Farms Głubczyce is the largest producer of potatoes in the country with annual production exceeding 35 thousand tonnes.

Potatoes are stored in modern units with ventilation, cooling and humidification facilities. We store potatoes from harvest until the end of July of next year maintaining their high quality.

At our farm we grown potatoes processed for three use types:

  • crisps
  • chips
  • consumption

We are always guided by the code of good agricultural practices certified by the EurepGap certificate.

The following are our primary counterparties:

  • Frito Lay Spółka z o.o.
  • McCain Poland Spółka z o.o.
  • Nutricia Zakłady Produkcyjne Spółka z o.o. – it is Nutricia which uses our potatoes to make baby food.

The Mechanisation Department is responsible for planning, ongoing work scheduling, effectiveness and reliability of equipment. A two shift working system, delivery of fuel to agricultural machinery, technical support and supply of spare parts guarantee punctual execution of tasks by the production departments.

We have at our disposal the latest agricultural machinery – tractors, self propelled sprayers, cereal, beets and sweet corn seeders, as well as other ploughing, farming and fertilising equipment.

We have large, well stocked workshop facilities. Our workers constitute high class professionals – operators of the latest agricultural machinery. We pride ourselves on always delivering on time.

Storage department

Top Farms Głubczyce has at its disposal its own warehousing base, located in Nowe Gołuszowice, Grobni-Widok, Dzbańce and Bogdanowice Kolonia. We have cereal storage facilities with a total capacity of 47.5 thousand tonnes, tanks for liquid fertilisers and facilities to store plant protection products.

What makes Top Farms Głubczyce stand out from other large farms in the country?

Top Farms Głubczyce is continuing in the traditions of large scale farming which has been part of the Głubczyce district for more than half a century. We were able to retain the very broad scope of agricultural production. We maintain and continually develop husbandry with particular focus on milk cows, we also have a cattle slaughter house and sell beef. It was for those achievements amongst others that we were awarded 1st place in the 2014 Agroliga contest in the Opole Province.

In plant production we have a well developed production of seeds! Apart from cereals and rape, which constitute nearly 65% of crops, Top Farms Głubczyce produces sugar beets, burclover, fodder grasses, power plants, sweet corn but also vegetables, soya and potatoes. And it is vegetables and potato that make us stand out from amongst the other farms in the region. 15 years ago we were the first to introduce farming technology which allows for the production of top quality potatoes and other root vegetables in the heaviest soils.

The certificates which we attained confirm that with an excellent team of well trained specialists with a passionate take on farming, it is possible to run a large scale farm, with respect for the natural environment, adherence to the code of good agricultural practices (GlobalGap) and to achieve satisfactory results!