Seed production

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Informacje Ogólne

We pride ourselves on an individual approach to every customer, extensive experience in working with own brand customers and our location is favorable for shipping our products abroad. We come from a farming background, that is why we see the need to improve the profitability of farms. We do our utmost to obtain seed grain with the best technical parameters. We want to guarantee the height and quality of crops. Because, we know more than just how to grown seeds which will yield the desired benefits, we strive to ensure that every Polish farmer has an opportunity to grow crops from the best Polish seeds.

Not only are we the largest Polish manufacturer of qualified seed grain but we are also certain as to the top quality of our products.

Companies with a group of Top Farms

Why is it that Top Farms Agro is currently the leading producer of cereal seeds in Poland?

We are the only company in Poland to opt for modern seed technologies on a large scale.

Quality at a reasonable price is what sets us apart. We want our seeds to be available for every Polish farmer.

Despite a broad range of products on the market we are glad to see an ever increasing demand for high quality seeds.

This reflects the condition of Polish agriculture.