Rolimpex S.A.

ROLIMPEX S.A. is one of the largest and fastest growing seed sector company. It is experienced, and has extensive traditions.
In 2007 it began building a Seedling Group, purchasing shares in the following companies: Graminex Sp. z o. o. from Piotrków Trybunalski and P.P.U.H. Nasiennik Sp. z o.o. in Turek. Today it is one of the biggest seedling companies in Poland. It has 4 production and commercial facilities.

ROLIMPEX S.A. produces and distributes high quality seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural production products. It is engaged with wheat and grasses production, as well as rape and other seeds for the needs of agricultural and food processing facilities (fodder production, fat plants, malt houses, mills etc).

The Company provides comprehensive agricultural services and systematically improves its range of gardening products. In supplies our trading partners  with agricultural imputs, distributes nitrogen and compound fertilizers and specialist agricultural and gardening fertilizers from well-known and renowned companies.  The sale of plant protection products complements the comprehensive services provided to farmers and allows for a high quality of crops. The company is in direct and constant contact with agricultural and gardening producers, agricultural and food processing plants, retail and wholesale points of sale as well as institutional customers and cooperates with other well founded and stable companies.

Apart from high quality products we also guarantee help by our salesmen across the entire country. They provide advice both in selecting products, putting together orders and correct product display. They also inform on our  current promotions and other events organized by our company.

ROLIMPEX S.A. as a leader in the lawn mix market specializes in the production and distribution of lawn and forage mixes with different designations. It supplies three brands: NAJLEPSZE TRAWY Z IŁAWY, GRAMINEX and NASIENNIK.

The company is also the leader when it comes to exporting  in the specialist seed’s market – such as clover or phacelia and also within the scope of contracting from 7 thousand hectares  that are under field control.

Lawn mixes are sold by an external distribution network located across the entire country and by sales reps. Seed mixes may be purchased in the largest commercial chains in the country and abroad as well as at  many wholesalers, garden centres and shops. The sale of fodder mixes is performed through dairies on the basis of cooperation agreements.

The Company’s mission is to satisfy expectations and needs of our Customers through provision of top quality products and advice associated with our operations.


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Seed production

We pride ourselves on an individual approach to every customer, flexibility ion packing and storing goods, extensive experience in working with own brand customers and our location is favourable for shipping our products abroad. We come from a framing background, that is why we see the need to improve the profitability of farms. We do our utmost to obtain seed grain with the best technical parameters. We want to guarantee certainty as to the height and quality of crops. Because, we know more than just how to grown seeds which will yield the desired benefits, we strive to ensure that every Polish farmer had an opportunity to grow crops from the best Polish seeds.

Not only are we the largest Polish manufacturer of qualified seed grain but we are also certain as to the top quality of our products.

Why is Rolimpex S.A. the leader on the Polish grass seed mix market?

Rolimpex S.A. seed mixes have been known and highly regarded on the Polish and foreign markets for a number of years. Correct selection of best quality types and varieties of grass seeds means that we are the leader on the Polish market for lawn grasses with varied uses – recreations lawns, home gardens, sports, those for shady, sunny, arid and sandy soils.

Green grass carpets and awards, amongst others:
Laureate of the prestigious CREATORS of Garden Trends are an objective confirmation of the quality of our seeds.

We also provide forage grass seed mixes created by mixing the best grasses and legumes.

We also produce and distribute other seeds. We specialise in purchasing consumption and forage cereals are rape.

We also provide a wide range of top quality nitrogen and composite mineral fertilisers, both agricultural and for garden use.