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Effective plant production across a large farming area  puts us in the leading position among agricultural producers in Europe, not only in terms of size but first and foremost quality of plant production.

Within the scope of this activity we have managed to propagate good practices of sustainable management, modern farming and natural soil maintenance methods.

Dezedery Chłapowski hedgerows on our fields naturally protect soil from wind erosion. We use extensive and broad crop rotation, thus our plants are healthy and vigorous. We create optimal growth conditions with minimal use of pesticides.

Professional management and organisation have meant that today we are also a leader in effective animal farming. We are constantly improving the well-being of our cattle, particularly milk cows. Our cattle have free access to open air runs and sunlight. We satisfy the strict environment protection criteria for Natura 2000 areas.

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How is it that you are abele to use the synergy between your companies within the scope of agricultural production?


Maciej Pietrzak

Top Farms Wielkopolska President of the Management Board

Because we operate across the entire country in areas which are different in terms of weather and soil conditions, we are able to constantly ensure top quality and scale for our recipients. In following an integrated policy we guarantee raw material production continuity free of all uncertainties characteristic of agricultural production. Modern production techniques and thorough quality control at every production stage means we are able to deliver the expected products on time. We treat the satisfaction of our business partners and performance of agreements equally importantly as our own development or security.

Variability is our advantage and not a drawback. We use local conditions to achieve optimal production in such a sensitive sector as food production. Not only the large scale but also the characteristics of our products targeted at the most discerning customers are the pillar for our operations. Regionally we sell numerous niche and regional products. We are constantly tuned in to the needs of our customers, continuously train our staff so that we are always ready to face new challenges.

As people who work with nature we are well aware that it is gives birth to the fruits of our labour. Thus the work which goes into maintaining biodiversity, environmental protection or simply respect and humility which we have for the environment is no wonder to anyone. Such a healthy attitude means we can wholeheartedly supply food to our homes.