JAGROL works on arable lands located in Wielkopolska, in Kórnik, Kleszczewo and Środa Wielkopolska districts. The primary activity of the company encompasses agricultural crops combined with animal husbandry. Plant production is the company’s core activity – the revenues obtained from this activity constitute nearly 63% of all revenues.

The dominant plant production is growing potatoes for french fries and potato chips, however they do not constitute majority in our  sowing structure. We sell potatoes intended for  potato chips to Frito Lay Poland from  Grodzisko Mazowieckie and potatoes  for french fries to Farm Frites from Lębork.

In the growing of cereals, seed crops are dominant which encompass winter wheat and rye. Corn dominates in the fodder crops. Jagrol also produces vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli primarily designated for freezing. Apart from plant production Jargol is also engaged with animal husbandry.

The results achieved by the company have been noticed by judges of prestigious competitions. In 2004 we received the Top Quality in Environmental Protection Certificate, confirming that we, not only care for the production quality but that raising the bar in the protection of the natural environment is also also significant for us. As one of the first Polish companies we received a certificate from the European Commission conforming highest quality in the production of healthy food for potatoes production – EUREPGAP (currently GLOBAL G.A.P.)

The company has 70 hectares of storage reservoirs with watering infrastructure. Professional gates make it possible to gather approx. 450 thousand m3 of water. The location of tanks and a the microclimate have resulted in them becoming habitats for many species of water birds as well as marsh birds. In autumn 2013 PTOP„ Salamandra”  located breeding platforms on lakes in Szczodrzyków and Pierzchno for birds, where cameras help to monitor bird breeding. These birds attract numerous ornithologists form Poland and abroad.


Seed production

Reproduction of seedling cereals is carried out within the scope of selected types of winter wheat and rye. Similarly to other Group companies – aimed at producing seed material for the production of seeds and sales to Top Farms Agro Sp. z o.o.

Milk production

Jagrol produces milk, which is obtained from approx. 650 HF class cows and a 550 amount of calves.

Both milk cows and calves, predominantly female are kept at one farm in Szczodrzyków.

Annually the farm sells circa 6,500,000 litres of milk which is collected in a fishbone type milking hall equipped with a modern Afimilk herd management system. The cows are kept in free runs with pens which translates into a high well-being factor of the cattle and low culling up to 30% and the “pedometers plus” allow for the monitoring of herd population growth and the calving interval which certainly translates into better output.


The Potato department produces potatoes for the food industry designated for french fries,  potato chips and potato flour. This department is the largest source of income in the company. It is well equipped with machines for planting, backfilling and harvesting. We have been growing potatoes since 1999 and for the food industry since 2001.

The watering infrastructure covers nearly 80% of all fields. The total capacity of tanks amounts to approx. 450 thousand m3, which is sufficient for the entire potato growing area. In order to limit the amount of water used for watering we use an intelligent system monitoring soil moisture levels.

During the period from 2000 3 livestock premises have been adapted for storage of potatoes with a total storage capacity of 6000 tonnes and one box refrigeration storage unit with a capacity of 250 tonnes. Jagrol is the largest supplier of stored potatoes in Wielkopolskie Province.

In order to receive the GLOBAL G.A.P. safe food certificate every year within the scope of potato production we comply with the Code Of Good Agricultural Practices. Staff  is  trained to ensure  health safety for the products. The subject of such training sessions includes basic HACCP system requirements, Good Production, Hygiene and Agricultural Practice requirements for staff directly involved with production methods for maintaining cleanliness in the production storage, staff room area and at every work station.

Fodder plants

The fodder plant department produces fodder for the needs of animal production and gathers and prepares hay.

The company’s crop structure includes fodder pants such as burclover, corn and grasses which take up an average of 27% with the lion’s share belonging to corn.


Mechanization department equipment, such as tractors, sprayers, loaders, crop ore sowing machines, covers all needs of potato, vegetable, cereal and rape production as well as internal transport. The company also has a repair workshop with the required equipment and staff qualified to carry out most repairs.

Combinable crops

The Combinable Crops Department at Jargol is engaged with the production of cereals and winter rape.

Within the scope of cereals seedling crops dominate. Reproduction is carried out within the scope of winter wheat and rye and it is – similar to  the other Group companies – aimed at producing seed material for the production of seeds and sales to Top Farms Agro Sp. z o.o.

The second direction for Combinable Crops Department production is the production of quality cereals, primary consumption wheat.