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General information
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Food production is a natural DIRECTION FOR Top Farms Group. Top Farms Group is able to use its unique skills, such as:

  • Safety and care for production quality in accordance with Good Agricultural Practice code
  • Geographical diversification and a large farming area
  • Modern farming technologies

Based on that we are able to supply our customers with predicts which will live up to their expectations and which we can vouch for. The entire production chain is under our control – from seeds all the way to the end product.

Already, we are a world class producer of frozen vegetables. Our production facilities can boast extensive tradition on the Polish processing market. Geographical diversification increases safety of acquiring top audits raw material. Furthermore, we produce the raw material for freezing within the framework of Top Farms Group and have long term contracting with agricultural practices supervision. Finally, modern production lines and strict quality standards guarantee top class products.

Additionally, we also sell our fruit which we produce in accordance with the integrated production certificate. We are proud of our juices, made using fresh desert apples by pressing, without any additives. Not even water.

Companies with a group of Top Farms

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Jan Kowalski

President of the Management Board
Top Farms Agro Sp. z o.o.

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