28 November 2014

It is with utmost pleasure that we wish to inform you that as on 28 November 2014, our company, Rolimpex Nasiona S.A. changed its registered address, name and logo.

New details below:


Registered address and Management:
Rolimpex S.A.
ul. Lubawska 7, 14-200 Iława
tel. 89 648 25 40

Company details:
NIP: 701-004-12-05
REGON: 140697515
KRS: 0000265748

The change of name, registered address and logo is an element of the development strategy for our business, which aims to improve competitiveness and Customer satisfaction. The change of name, through dropping the “Seeds” part is associated with plans to expand the range of our products in the gardening and agricultural sector.

The company began a series of investments this year which aim to concentrate and improve the production capabilities of our facilities and develop the sales department. The changes which we have started will so broad that we also decided to change the company logo as a symbol of a new, better quality of our company and products it supplies as well as customer services.