Agro Fundusz Mazury

Agro – Fundusz Mazury Sp. z o.o. operates on arable land in Warmia i Mazury. It is one of the best large scale farms in the region.
Our farms are located in the following counties: Kętrzyń, Bartoszyce and Puck.

The company’s line of business is plant and animal production.
Plant production is mainly focused on the production of consumption cereals such as winter wheat, rye and barley. We also cultivate potatoes and beans.

The company also produces high quality milk and as part of husbandry it sells heifer calves from its own herd. Production at the Company is based on modern agricultural practices.

The mechanisation as well as drying and storage departments support production. The company has at its disposal high class agricultural equipment and modern IT tools supporting production and management.

Seed production

Agro – Fundusz Mazury is mainly focused on the production of consumption cereals such as winter wheat, rye and barley.

In order to achieve better results every year we select varieties to sow, testing varieties adapted to our climatic and soil conditions.

Intensive wheat cultivation guarantees consumption grain of a very high quality.

Every year harvest crowns of the year’s work. We work with service companies leasing combines for harvesting and vehicles to transport wheat.

Through the high quality of wheat we are able to boast cooperation with companies like ADM Direct Polska, Louis Dreyfus, Glencore Polska
We are engaged with comprehensive drying of harvested crops and the subsequent storage and sale. We have three drying houses in Drogosze, Byków and Piasty Wielkie.

Animal production

The „Agro-Fundusz Mazury” Sp. z o.o. husbandry department breeds milk cattle, continually striving to improve characteristics, parameters, quantity and quality of milk.

Our herd number 250 cattle including 120 milk cows, the rest are calves.
HF milk breed cows are dominant in the herd. Annual milk production at our company stands at over one million litres. We also have a calf raising unit at the Drogosze facility.


In 2014 the company began seed potato production on a large scale. Using state of the art potato cultivation and storage technology in a very short time we became a trading partner for the largest companies in the potatoes production sector. The new department is headed by individuals with experience in the production of seed potato across entire Europe.

The quickly growing department plans to expand cultivation area in the years to come. Taking into its location in north-east part of the country, we have the most favourable climatic conditions for seed potato cultivation. Taking into consideration factors affecting the development of seed potato cultivation we are currently vying for the market leader position.

Fodder plants

In order to ensure high quality of fodder to our herd we also produce corn for the needs of husbandry. Additionally, we sell high quality seed to neighbouring fodder producers WIPASZ and Agri Plus.


„Agro-Fundusz Mazury” Sp. z o.o. Mechanization Department takes care of comprehensive provision of required agricultural services to other production departments. The primary task of the department is maintaining machines and devices in good working order.

In order to perform its tasks the mechanization department has at its disposal qualified operators and mechanics and repair workshops with the necessary equipment permitting the performance of most repairs.