We build partner relations with contractors whilst at the same time caring for the environment

Our stepping stones are effective work and experience of our staff

We supply top quality foodstuffs and agricultural products

We are focused on an innovative take on processes and the use of modern technology

Group top farms

Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki
Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki
Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki Spółki
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Top Farms Wielkopolska

Top Farms Wielkopolska spans arable land in Wielkopolska.
Our farms are located in the following districts: Czempiń, Kościan, Kamieniec, Gostyń, Poniec, Piaski, Stęszew and Krzywiń. The company operations are focuses on the production of cereals, rape, sugar beets and potatoes. We also produce significant quantities of qualified cereal seeds but also seeds for high protein plants, grasses and small seed plants.

Furthermore our portfolio includes fruit growing: apples, cherries, blackcurrants and gooseberry. Since the 1990s the entire orchard has been covered by an integral protection programme. We introduced this programme as one of the first forms in Poland. A characteristic of this activity is the production of healthy fruits and juices, pressed using our own, modern production line.

Top Farms Wielkopolska is also a significant domestic milk producer. The company has a heard with nearly 1400 milk cows generating an annual production of more than 7 million litres of top quality milk.

Top Farms Wielkopolska is also famous for high quality of raw spirit, mainly rye. This spirit is used by leading vodka manufacturers. The distillery at the company produces spirit observing traditional technologies.

Top Farms Wielkopolska superior advantage is quality and safety of produced foodstuffs.Production at the company takes place in accordance with the Code of Good Agricultural Practices, Integrated Production system and the European REDcert system (in terms of cereals and rape production). We take care of the environment through maintaining mid field hedgerows and creating new roadside alleys, which are an excellent habitat for many animal species. The works associated with developing green belts in the company, make up the tree lined hedgerows established in the middle if the 19th century by Dezydery Chłapowski.

In 2011 Experimental Variety Research and new fertilizers and chemical products departments were established.
To run in a manner in accordance with the methodology in place at the primary research units in Poland, cooperation with breeders, corporations producing fertilizers and plant protection products is used.

Some experiments are conducted together with recipients of raw materials produced by the company. The company has at its disposal agricultural equipment as well as modern IT tools supporting management.

On account of the high quality of supplied raw materials, Top Farms Wielkopolska can boast cooperation with the biggest companies on the market, who are receivers of Company’s largest batches of products.

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Agro Fundusz Mazury

Agro – Fundusz Mazury Sp. z o.o. operates on arable land in Warmia i Mazury. It is one of the best large scale farms in the region.
Our farms are located in the following counties: Kętrzyń, Bartoszyce and Puck.

The company’s line of business is plant and animal production.
Plant production is mainly focused on the production of consumption cereals such as winter wheat, rye and barley. We also cultivate potatoes and beans.

The company also produces high quality milk and as part of husbandry it sells heifer calves from its own herd. Production at the Company is based on modern agricultural practices.

The mechanisation as well as drying and storage departments support production. The company has at its disposal high class agricultural equipment and modern IT tools supporting production and management.

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Rolimpex S.A.

ROLIMPEX S.A. is one of the largest and fastest growing seed sector companies. It is experienced, and has extensive traditions.
In 2007 it began building a Seedling Group, purchasing shares in the following companies: Graminex Sp. z o. o. from Piotrków Trybunalski and P.P.U.H. Nasiennik Sp. z o.o. in Turek. Today it is one of the biggest seedling companies in Poland. It has 4 production and commercial facilities.

ROLIMPEX S.A. produces and distributes high quality seeds, fertilisers and other agricultural production products. It is engaged with wheat and grasses production, as well as rape and other seeds fro the needs of agricultural and food processing facilities (fodder production, fat plants, malt houses, mills etc).

The Company provides comprehensive agricultural services and systematically improves its range of gardening products. In supplies counterparties with agricultural production means, distributes nitrogen and compound fertilisers and specialist agricultural and gardening fertilisers from well known and renowned companies.  The sale of plant protection products complements the comprehensive services provided to farmers and allows for a high quality of crops. The company is in direct and constant contact with agricultural and gardening producers, agricultural and food processing plants, retail and wholesale points of sale as well as institutional customers and cooperates with other well founded and stable companies.

Apart from high quality products we also guarantee help by our Salesmen across the entire country. They provide advice both in selecting products, putting together orders and correct product display. They also inform on current promotions and other events organised by our company.

ROLIMPEX S.A. as a leader on the lawn mix market specialises in the production and distribution of lawn and forage mixes with different designations. It supplies three brands: NAJLEPSZE TRAWY Z IŁAWY, GRAMINEX and NASIENNIK.

The company is also the leader when it comes to export in the specialist seed market – such as clover or tansy and also within the scope of contracting from 7 thousand hectares subject to field price.

Lawn mixes are sold by an external distribution network located across the entire country and by sales reps. Seed mixes may be purchased in the largest commercial chains in the country and abroad as well as in many wholesalers, garden centres and shops. The sale of fodder mixes is performed through stable dairies on the basis of cooperation agreements.

The Company’s mission is to satisfy expectations and needs of our Customers through provision of top quality products and advice associated with our operations.


ROLIMPEX S.A. web page – klik

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JAGROL works on arable lands located in Wielkopolska, in Kórnik, Kleszczewo and Środa Wielkopolska districts. The primary activity of the company encompasses agricultural crops combined with husbandry. Plant production is the company’s core activity – the revenues obtained from this type of activity constitute nearly 63% of all revenues.

The dominant plant production is growing potatoes for crisps and chips, however they do not constitute majority in the sowing structure. We sell potatoes intended for crisps to Frito Lay Poland from  Grodzisko Mazowieckie and chip potatoes to Farm Frites from Lębork.

In the growing of cereals, seed crops are dominant which encompass winter wheat and rye. Corn dominates in the fodder crops. Jagrol also produces vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli primarily designated for freezing. Apart from plant production Jargol is also engaged with husbandry.

The results achieved by the company have been noticed by judges of prestigious competitions. In 2004 we received the Top Quality in Environmental Protection Certificate, confirming that we not only care for the production quality but that raising the bar in the protection of the natural environment is also also significant for us. As one of the first Polish companies we received a certificate from the European Commission conforming highest quality in the production of healthy food for potatoes production – EUREPGAP (currently GLOBAL G.A.P.)

The company has 70 hectares of storage reservoirs with watering infrastructure. Professional gates make it possible to gather approx. 450 thousand m3 of water. The location of tanks and a the microclimate have resulted in them becoming habitats for many species of water birds as well as march birds. In autumn 2013 PTOP„ Salamandra”  located breeding platforms on lakes in Szczodrzyków and Pierzchno for birds, where cameras help to monitor bird breeding. These birds attract numerous ornithologists form Poland and abroad.

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MASFROST  produces frozen vegetables and vegetable mixes. The company’s range of products responds to demand with the production of fruit and fruit mixes.

At the moment this production takes place in two production plants in Tolkmicko and Ziębice.


Manufacturing plant in Tolkmicko


Operating under the name MASFROST Sp. z o.o. with its registered address in Tolkmicko, it produces frozen vegetables and fruits. The production plant is located in north – east Poland, approximately 20 km from Elbląg and 80 km from Gdańsk. This site has traditions reaching a long way back – the oldest part of the facility was established in 1938 as a Marmalade and Marzipan Factory.

Through numerous investments MASFROST Sp. z o.o.  is currently a modern business. The production plant is equipped with complete lines for the production of peas, corn, beans and root vegetables as well as lines for packing frozen vegetables into wholesale and retail packaging. At the end of 2011, MASFROST  signed a lease agreement on a 670 ha farm. In 2012 we began our own pea, corn and beans production satisfying part of the facilities own demands. Own production  made it possible to stabilise raw material process and cover the processing demand of the company is strategic assortments.


Manufacturing plant in Ziębice


Operating under the name Zakłady Przetwórstwa Owocowo-Warzywnego “Ziębice: Sp. z o.o. it produces frozen vegetables. It is located approximately 60 km from Wrocław, 20 km from the Czech border and approx. 200 km from the German border. This place has an even longer vegetable production tradition, as the Plant was established in 1886 and as such it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest fruit and vegetable processing plant in Poland. In accordance to local lore, it was here that the first tinned food in Europe was produced.
For years the plant has been undergoing modernisation processes. Since TOP FARMS Group took over shares a very rapid modernisation and investment process ensued which facilitated a significant increase in the processing production capacity of the plant and at the same time ensured production safety. Complete lines for the production of peas, corn, beans and root vegetables as well as lines for packing into wholesale and retail packaging are installed. Our advantage is the location of both plants, excellent in terms of acquiring strategic raw materials such as peas, corn and beans. These include:

  • typical agricultural lands, highly evaluated and ecologically clean (no heavy industry in an 80 km radius);
  • with a very good vegetable growing climate;
  • where; there are many farms with areas from 1.5 to 4.5 thousand hectares;
  • where growers concentrated in producer groups, are equipped with state of the art agricultural equipment;
  • with far reaching vegetable growing traditions, knowledge and skills.

Locating production at two distant locations in Poland makes it possible to diversify the risk associated with the weather conditions during vegetable vegetative period and harvest. Fresh raw material is supplied by specialised TOP FARMS Group companies.

Cooperation with raw material suppliers is based on long term contracting. In order to ensure high quality of raw material farmers are obligated to observe strict requirements within the scope of seed purchasing, sowing schedules and harvests, arrangements within the scope of choosing the quantities of plant protection products and fertilisers. The entire process of growing strategic raw materials such as peas, corn and beans, from the moment the stations are made ready and sown until harvest is controlled and supervised by our Agro Department. We have our own combines to harvest peas, beans and corn.
For years quality and production safety has been paramount for us. Over the entire production process, from raw material acquisition to distribution of finished products, particular attention is paid to ensuring product safety.
We hold ISO 22,000, BRC and  IFS quality standards and apply a management system in accordance with ISO 9001. All systems in place at the company are annually certified by TÜVRheiland.


SHave a look at our website: www.masfrost.pl


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Top Gen

TOP GEN has been active on the husbandry market since 2007. From the outset we have been applying the achievements of worlds genetics to Polish breeding programmes, through the sale of bull sperm from the best breeding lines in the world. These bulls are accurately prices on the basis of output, habits and the functional characteristics of their daughters, which guarantees their high genetic and breeding worth.

TOP GEN is an exclusive representative for Poland of top companies from the husbandry industry: Cogent Breeding Ltd (England), Evolution – former Sersia France (France ) and CRI International (USA).

TOP GEN provides world class genetics adapted to the varied needs of our customers. The broad range of products include milk and meat bulls in traditional and sexed versions.

Bulls with a genome valuation are A novelty on the market. Genomics constitutes an effective valuation tool yielding uniform results. The use of the sperm of a few of the best genome bulls makes a fast genetic advance possible together with better herd profitability.

We are here to support breeders in the performance of their breeding plans through facilitating access to state of the art technologies and professional service across the entire country. We aim to supply a product which constituters a balance between good habits, high production, guaranteeing long loved, problem free cattle which generate high profits for cattle farmers.

  • We operate comprehensively – providing expert advice and a wide range of products.
  • We also hold cow / goat insemination courses.
  • We sell insemination equipment.
  • We have computerised association programmes.
  • We also sell milk and meat heifer calves and cows as well as stots.

Top Gen presents state of the art farming technologies, pointing out the right direction for development.


TOP GEN web page – click

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Top Farms Siedlisko

Top Farms Sp. z o.o. Siedlisko Branch spans arable lands in Lubuskie Province. Historically this is the first Top Farms company which is also one of the best farms in terms of soil quality, work organisation and production.

The company is involved with plant production. In terms of processes, due to very difficult processing of heavy soils, we’ve been making use of farming simplifications for years.

The exceptional locations of the farm in direct vicinity of the Odra River, its topography and size of fields, as well as a relatively simple shift system facilitate the application of a simplified organisational model. The machinery and storage facilities is located centrally at the farm and thus logistics activities run smoothly and effectively. Long term management practice in the specific farming conditions in Siedlisko impacts the high production output and a one of the kind character of the company.

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Top Farms Agro

Top Farms Agro is a company with a background in agricultural traditions. As farmers, we know full well that at this stage the primary factor facilitating an increase is the quality and quantity of crops are appropriate seeds. Thus we have devoted a lot of time and effort to select correct varieties and to thoroughly prepare seeds for sowing. Only results confirmed by field cultivation constitute a reliable measure of a given variety.

We present varieties which we’ve been successfully cultivating at our farms for years. In purchasing seeds for our farms we understand the needs of customers, their expectations and on that basis we have defined our tasks as a seed production company.

We consider that the role of a seed company is to intelligently select varieties, thorough cultivation and processing of seeds. We provide our customers with professional advice and delivery guaranteeing sowing at an optimal period in terms of agricultural practices.


Top Farms Agro web page – klik

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Centrum Usług Wspólnych

In connection with the dynamic growth and an increase in the number of companies functioning as part of the Top Farms Group in 2010, a decision was made to set up a shared services centre.

The aim for establishing the Top Farms Group SSC is to improve quality and effectiveness ensure cohesion and flexibility and to achieve synergy for all Group companies in the following areas of operation:

  • Accounting
  • Debt collection and financial advice
  • HR and Payroll
  • IT

In practice this means that the primary task of the SSC is ongoing support for Top Farms Group companies within the scope of the aforementioned financial and administrative functions and to implement rules and procedures applicable in the Group at entities which are part of the Group.  The shared services centre is to assure top quality of services and to optimise administrative processes and costs through concentrating competencies in particular areas and specialisation.

We are an experienced team, committed to our daily duties which are a source of satisfaction for us. In adding subsequent areas to the shared services centre, the overriding goal is to maintain business continuity. Through the sue of IT tools we managed to significantly speed up and improve information circulation.

The Top Farms Group shared services centre aims to improve the quality of services it provides.

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Top Farms Głubczyce

Located is Southern part of Opolskie Province, spanning Głubczyce, Branice, Kietrz, Baborów and Pawłowiczki districts and has one of the best arable land in Poland.

The Company focuses on the production of cereals, rape, potatoes, sugar beets and milk. Every year TFG has approx. 40 thousand tonnes of cereal, 6 thousand tonnes of rape, 10 thousand tonnes of sweet corn, 50 thousand tonnes of sugar beets and 35 thousand tonnes of potatoes for sale. The company is one of the largest milk producers in the country. It has a herd of 2500 milk cows producing more than 22 million litres of milk per year. Within the scope of its activity TFG also slaughters cattle. We supply high quality beef from our own husbandry.

In our activity we use the Code of Good Agricultural Practices and for vegetable production we also hold the GlobalGAP certificate (the former EurepGAP). The fact that baby food is made using potatoes from our farms stands testament to our quality.

Due to the high quality of its products, Top Farms Głubczyce can business partners such as Nutricia, Frito Lay, McCain, Diamant, ZT Bielmar, ZT Kruszwica, Danone, OSM Włoszczowa, Südzucker and others.



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Recent Developments:

Spearhead International completes refinancing ahead of next phase of growth

P&P Spearhead UK Holdings Ltd, operating through Spearhead International Ltd and in Poland through Top Farms group companies (“Spearhead” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce the closing of a Group-level bank refinancing. The new facilities comprise senior term loans as well as undrawn facilities to support the Group’s existing operations and growth initiatives.

Commenting on the transaction, Tomasz Zdziebkowski, CEO of Spearhead, said “I am delighted by the successful closing of this refinancing, which puts in place a simplified capital structure for Spearhead and provides enhanced financial and operational flexibility as we enter our next phase of growth. These banking relationships with key institutions across our geographies will strongly support the group in realizing its growth strategy.”


Financial and legal advice on the refinancing was provided by Rothschild and CMS Cameron McKenna respectively.

Spearhead is the leading integrated food and agriculture business across the CEE region and the U.K. The Group’s business operations include primary crop production from over 85,000 hectares of land as well as upstream and downstream operations.


United Kingdom:                                                              Poland:

Oskar Zahn                                                                         Tomasz Zdziebkowski

+44 1223 233263                                                             +48 61 866 9034

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